In the tragic event that I discover any errors in the book, I'll note and correct them here. If you find any errors, please drop me a line via the email address on page xiv of the introduction. To thank you for your trouble, I'll give you credit on this page. But please, before you send in an error report, check the list below to make sure that the error hasn't already been reported. By the way, I'm only counting mistakes in the book, not on this website, though I'd like to hear about those, too.

Chapter # Page # Description Eagle-Eyed
Error Reporter
Chapter 11 177 Figures 11.1 and 11.2 were swapped. The captions are correct, except that the caption under Figure 11.1 goes with Figure 11.2 and vice versa. Bill Royalty
Chapter 17 277-292 The actual title for this chapter should be "Hierarchical Menu", not "Real World Java -- Hierarchical Menu". Dori Smith
Appendix A 298 The description of CodeWarrior should be:
If you want to write Java on the classic Mac OS, CodeWarrior is your only choice, but there are versions for Windows and Linux, also. You can download a 30-day trial copy of the Windows version and check it out before you buy the complete package. For Windows 95 and later, Mac OS 8.6 and later, and Linux.
Dori Smith
Appendix D 328 The first paragraph under JAR files should be:
JAR files were introduced in version 1.1 and extended in version 1.2. JAR stands for "Java ARchive." You can use JAR files to package many java class files or other resource files (graphics or sounds, for example) into one big file, with the extension ".jar" on the end. Most current browsers support JAR files; and there are several reasons to use them, including:

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