Safari Shortcuts

Web page shortcuts

Up/down arrow keys Scroll page vertically by a small amount
Left/right arrow keys Scroll page horizontally by a small amount
Option-arrow keys Scroll page by a screenfull, minus a small overlap
Cmd-up/down arrow key Scroll to top-left or bottom-left corner of web page
Spacebar Scroll page down by a screenfull, minus a small overlap
Delete key Go back
Shift-Delete key Go forward
Page Up key/Page Down key Scroll page by a screenfull, minus a small overlap
Home key Scroll to top-left corner of web page
Cmd-Home key Go to the Home page
End key Scroll to bottom-left corner of web page
Esc key If location field selected, restore viewed URL
Cmd-click or Cmd-Shift-click a link Open link in new window or tab
Option-click a link Download file
Shift-click the Add Bookmark button Add bookmark directly to menu
Cmd-return or Cmd-Shift-return in address field Open page in new window or tab
Cmd-return or Cmd-Shift-return in search field Show search results in new window or tab
Press and hold Back or Forward button Pop up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page title
Option-press and hold Back or Forward button Pop up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page URL

Bookmarks view shortcuts

Delete key Delete selected bookmarks
Return key Start or finish editing name of selected bookmark
Tab key When editing, move to next editable cell
Spacebar or Double-click Open selected bookmark
Cmd-double-click Open selected bookmark in a new window
Option-click New Folder button Put selected items in new folder

Menu shortcuts

Cmd-A Select All
Cmd-B Show/Hide Favorites Bar
Cmd-C Copy
Cmd-D Add Bookmark…
Cmd-E Use Selection for Find
Cmd-F Find…
Cmd-G Find Again
Cmd-H Hide Safari
Cmd-J Jump to Selection
Cmd-K Block Pop-up Windows
Cmd-L Open Location…
Cmd-M Minimize
Cmd-N New Window
Cmd-O Open File…
Cmd-P Print
Cmd-Q Quit Safari
Cmd-R Reload Page
Cmd-S Save As
Cmd-T New Tab
Cmd-V Paste
Cmd-W Close Window or Close Tab
Cmd-X Cut
Cmd-Z Undo
Cmd-Shift-A AutoFill Form
Cmd-Shift-B Send File To Bluetooth Device… or Bookmark this group of tabs
Cmd-Shift-D Add Bookmark to Menu
Cmd-Shift-F Full Screen
Cmd-Shift-G Find Previous
Cmd-Shift-H Go to the Home page
Cmd-Shift-K Block Images and Plugins
Cmd-Shift-L Search with Google
Cmd-Shift-M Max Screen
Cmd-Shift-N Add Bookmark Folder
Cmd-Shift-P Page Setup…
Cmd-Shift-S Start Sampling
Cmd-Shift-T Stop Sampling
Cmd-Shift-U Open URL in OmniWeb
Cmd-Shift-W Close Window
Cmd-Shift-Y Make new Sticky Note
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo
Cmd-Option-A Activity
Cmd-Option-B Show All Bookmarks
Cmd-Option-E Empty Cache…
Cmd-Option-F Google Search…
Cmd-Option-H Hide Others
Cmd-Option-K Mark Page for SnapBack
Cmd-Option-L Downloads
Cmd-Option-M Minimize All
Cmd-Option-P SnapBack to Page
Cmd-Option-S SnapBack to Search
Cmd-Option-V View Source
Cmd-Option-W or Cmd-Option-Shift-W Close All Windows
Cmd-Ctrl-D Add SafariStand Bookmark
Cmd-Ctrl-S Save Browser Window…
Cmd-1 to Cmd-9 First 9 bookmarks (not folders) in Bookmarks Toolbar
Cmd-? Safari Help
Cmd-[ Back
Cmd-] Forward
Cmd-. Stop
Cmd-, Preferences…
Cmd-/ Show/Hide Status Bar
Cmd-| Show/Hide Address Bar
Cmd-\ Show Page Load Test Window
Cmd-= Define in OmniDictionary
Cmd-; Check Spelling
Cmd-Shift-: Spelling…
Cmd--(Cmd-minus) Make Text Smaller
Cmd-+ Make Text Bigger
Cmd-Shift-* Get Result of AppleScript
Cmd-Shift-right-arrow Select Next Tab
Cmd-Shift-left-arrow Select Previous Tab
Cmd-Option-> Send to…
Cmd-Option-, SafariStand Setting…
F5 SafariStand Bar

Note that the above includes some command-keys that depend on certain applications being installed. If OmniWeb isn't installed, for instance, its command-keys won't be available within Safari.


Custom shortcuts

To set up your own keyboard shortcuts for your bookmarks, quit Safari, open Terminal and type:
defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents '{"bookmarkName"="keyCombo";}'
where keyCombo is one or more of the following:


followed by the desired key. For example, to set up a bookmark called "Foobar" with the shortcut Cmd-Option- C, you would type:

defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents '{"Foobar"="@~c";}'

If there is more than one shortcut you want to set up, just duplicate the code within the braces. This example would assign Cmd-Option-D to MacDevCenter and Cmd-Shift-M to Macworld:

defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents '{"MacDevCenter"="@~d";"Macworld"="@$m";}'

But keep in mind that the MacDevCenter and Macworld bookmarks would also need to exist and point to their respective sites; this line simply sets up the shortcuts, not the bookmarks themselves.

Last updated: 9 August 2004