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Macintosh Web Software on a Budget

Change History

10 October 2001: Updated PageSpinner to 3.1.1 and BBEdit Lite to 6.1.2.

1 October 2001: Updated WebDesign to 1.2.1, CreaText to 1.4.1, TagWriter to 3.7, GraphicConverter to 4.0.9, and Button Builder to 2.5.1. MiniCoder appears to have had a name change to MacCoder, and is now at 2.0. Updated URLs for MacCoder, TagWriter, Web Writer, and iSpider.

19 September 2001: Updated CreativePage to 2.8.

3 September 2001: Updated CreaText to 1.3.2.

29 August 2001: Updated OmniWeb to 4.0.5.

23 August 2001: Updated WebDesign to version 1.2, PageSpinner to 3.1, Jedit to 4.0.9, CreaText to 1.3, and Netscape to 6.1. Fixed a typo in the FAQ.

1 August 2001: Updated CreativePage to version 2.7.5 and Omniweb to 4.0.3.

31 July 2001: Added Koingo Software's MiniCoder.

23 July 2001: Version 1.5 of NetSmith released.

7 July 2001: Added MMKEdit.

6 July 2001: Added questions to the FAQ about Tidy, Wallaby, and HTML Web Weaver Lite. Changed the answer to Cobwebber because I got a working URL, but the product is still too old. Changed the cutoff date from 12 months to 24 months because Emacs should be on the list even though it's more than 12 months old. Added a question to the FAQ about not currently including Web utilities.

5 July 2001: Updated CreativePage to version 2.7.

4 July 2001: Added OmniWeb.

3 July 2001: NetSmith released version 1.2. Added XEmacs.

2 July 2001: Got mentioned on Macintouch! Added CreaText, MacVim, GifBuilder. Added FAQ about why I didn't include iTools.

1 July 2001: Added the FAQ page. Split graphic apps and online graphics tools into two tables. Added Button Builder, ButtonMaker, Emacs, Jedit, Tex-Edit. Pepper released new version.

30 June 2001: Created the main page, told a few people, got tons of feedback.

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